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(iPhone 5 macro mode isn't half bad. Although the lens isn't up to my Canon's quality, the touchscreen helps...)
The performance that Inspired the new James Brown movie. I checked out the soundtrack for the new James Brown movie on iTunes, and was kind of bummed that it was the original versions, and not remixes with a modern feel - as great as the classics are, they've been available for a while. Anyway, watch this. James Brown was the showman of the century.
"At my husband's grandmother's wake my MIL took my 4 or 5 year old up to see his grandmother in the casket. Everyone was hushed, listening. He paused, looking curious. "Why is there a pillow under her head?" he demanded.
My mother in law faltered. "Ummm, so she could be comfortable," she said, trying to placate him.
He looked at her incredulously and spoke to her as if she understood nothing at all. "Grandma, she's dead. How could she be comfortable? What do you mean? You could take a chain saw and cut her up and it wouldn't matter at all. " Everyone was literally speechless."
--Anita Bozzo, via Say goodbye to Radio Shack, for reals. I'll miss it; sometimes for the odd bit of obsure electronics it was pretty great. (Not to mention for my first laptop in 1991, an hard drive free 1100 FD (haha someone put that 20 year old machine on the Internet via the serial port... )

Now I've now started grabbing little things like that from Amazon - that's the dark allure of Amazon Prime, stopping me from having to arrange trips out for things I can wait a day or two for.

It will be really hard to convince the next generations that the name "Radio Shack" was kind of a retro thing in the 80s and after, that it wasn't quite as out of date as the juxtaposition of "radios" and "shacks" would suggest.

Also, for all your old RS catalog nostaligia needs... I can almost smell the weird newsprint they used.


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"girl your body is a temple. but itís the water temple from Zelda so once Iím in there I have no idea what to do"


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Satanists protest Abortion Restrictions on religious grounds. Man, I didn't realize informed consent laws were so obnoxious. Between those and that Florida law where a doctor CAN'T talk about gun safety -- The New Conservatives. We'll force the medical profession to reflect our make believe reality.
Doodles from a 15th century Manuscript:

Sometimes I'm a little startled at how bad iTunes search is. It can't get to K-OS' Superstarr from "k-os superstar".


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"3D printing is the macrame of the 2010s."
"It could be said that, in many ways, the trombone is the Village People of musical instruments."
"'Obama thinks he's king. He's so arrogant. Everything is about him. Please subscribe to the TV channel I named after myself' - Sarah Palin"


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from Contra: Hard Corps via ....
"Every day is a parade if you lower your standards a little."
--Man in lawn chair watching local street traffic in Tony Carrillo's F Minus, -- I think this is a good principle in life in general.

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