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"As the Buddha said two and a half thousand years ago... we're all out of our f***ing minds!"
--Albert Ellis
I attribute too much malicious intentionally to inanimate objects, and possibly too little to people, some of whom have agendas they actively pursue but keep to themselves.
"Masshole" has just been added to the OED. Hooray!?
You know, one thing that might get me to shell out for a replacement for this cracked iPad mini (when, weirdly, I could buy a cheapo windows laptop for less) is the way it's Kindle app is one of the few iterations that lets me highlight in colors (in my case, yellow for 'that's interesting', blue for stuff I want to quote, and red for stuff I disagree with.)


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"If you think about it, your family tree is an upside down tournament bracket of surnames competing for your last name"
--Triton95, (but given Western Culture that's pretty sexist!)
"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."
--Ferdinand Foch. I find that an evocative and scary and kind of hilarious image. I guess part of growing up with a (partially self-inflicted, I guess) fear of endless hellfire, one that still gives me a perpetual sense of being judged by some ineffable Other that might mete unknown but possibly terrible punishment if I get out of line with what I Should Be. Which I guess has kept me on a generally more secure path in life, but it seems like there should be gentler ways to get there.

Also, I dunno, just a weird visual of a dude running around, hands flapping furiously, "MY SOUL'S ON FIRE MAN!!! GAAAAH!"

What a rainbow-ish celebration! Headphones and full screen recommended: Casio has been doing intriguing things with watches for a while!


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Ice Man was the decent one, Tom Cruise was the dork in Top Gun.
So I'm probably 7 or 8 pounds above my recent low so that means like 12-18 above a dream goal. Need to hunker down on Way-of-Eating, but- should I be grateful for my "fat shorts"? These cargo shorts I got that, without a belt, can just drop off my butt on their even when buttoned.

During my week vacation I was going over and weeding out a lot of old pictures. I guess I can see the difference when I was 20-30 pounds more than I am now, but it's so hard to quantify I'm not sure if I REALLY see it.


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"I will never know what MY earlobes taste like"
"I want to leave a living will saying that if I am in a coma, you should use that time to do hilarious makeovers of me for at least six months before considering switching off life support. (It just seems such a waste that I'll be out of it and nobody will draw a moustache on me or make me up like a clown.)"
--BabyBringMeToast, a guy at Tufts actually executes on an idea I had myself, using solenoids to be able to use a typewriter as a computer printer.


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Where was all this "five unelected judges" chatter when they handed down Citizens United? Yeesh, Scalia.
making the rounds...

I'm delighted with the healthcare and the gay marriage push by Obama. I'm trying to figure out what to think about his other push on the trade deal. Why is it so secretive?
"It's so exhausting trying not to judge... I gave it up. "

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