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Today's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

"The typical child entering kindergarten has a vocabulary of fourteen thousand words. To put that into perspective, a child is learning a new word every two hours of every waking moment. Without trying."
--William Alexander, "Flirting with French", about struggling to master a language as a 57 year old. I'm not sure I fully agree with "without trying", though.
"Middle age is that perplexing time in life where we hear two voices calling us, one saying, Why not? and the other, Why bother?"
--Syndey J. Harris. Which reminds me, if I'm going to do that "every man should read Don Quixote three times" (as a young man, in middle age, when old - I should find the source of the admonition, it's stuck with me since high school) I should probably suck it up and do that one of these years.
Upstairs neighbor confirms the smell is probably pollen, not cat pee. So... hooray?


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Self-Driving Trucks are going to disrupt everything. (And if we didn't have an allergic reaction to everything socialist, we might be in a better place to appreciate it)


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"Enjoy every sandwich."

Zevon was one of David Letterman's favorite musicians and a frequent guest who had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and had only months to live. From this year-by-year rundown of Letterman's show


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"To animals, war is a cosmic horror story. Indescribable beasts lay waste to everything for reasons they can't fathom and have ungodly powerful methods of attack."
--Yuli-Ban in /r/showerthoughts


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tools as the cause of, not the solution to, all the web's speed problems Daring Fireball is more concerned with speed of user experience, I'm more concerned with speed of development, but there's a lot of overlap.

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