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(3) thinking is not a crime
--My buddy Leonard and his wife Sumana have finished editing their sci-fi slushpile rescue compilation Thoughtcrime Experiments -- I love their collaborative investment of time, money, and energy to make that happen. (This here is Patrick Farley's "Gaia's Strange Seedlike Brood", one of the pieces they commissioned for it.)

  ...of the moment - rules of English grammar you didn't know you knew, fascinating - fun trying to think about the metapattern. - Teller and the neuroscience of Magic, great stuff. - GeoCities is going away? Boo. It was terrible but egalitarianly terrible, the first real implementation of the web's anyone-can-publish model. - this recent softer world cartoon has been rattling in my brain ever since I first saw it.
Bad News: seemingly likely job offer fell through (changing of the guard at the company, perhaps...) Great News: starting May 1 I am fulltime at Lincoln Peak!

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