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July 18, 2010
Beetle on Mass Ave in Arlington: (looks a bit like Prodigy's "Fat of the Land" album cover)

Same city, different bug:


I dunno, there's just something so dramatic about the reflection in the back windows of cars...

Arlington flower.

Self-portrait in Jacques Demain's glasses, during our cookout...

So at SoWa today, I found a slightly different shot of the logo of my favorite site Glorious Trainwrecks, I liked how my celebratory workspace photo came out...
The image is the 1895 train wreck at The Gare Montparnasse -- Wikipedia indicates it helped inspire the surrealist movement.
Parking near Boton's SoWa outdoor art market -- this is the coolest paring garage I've seen...

Tower near SoWa... - when did "Derp" replace "Duh" and "Duhhr? I admit it's a better term, more concise. Funny website. - lovely sound toy... I like the logic behind it, once I figured it out.
I've converted Amber to the best way of dealing with scraps of tortilla chips: crunch even smaller, mix in with salsa, eat with spoon.
The perfect half moon visible with the sun still out gives me a sense of the crazy 3D clockwork of the solar system....
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