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(5) wheel... of... emotion!

--Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, from Wikipedia's page on List of Emotions. Started wondering about this when I read about Graham Mann's attempts to make programs that have emotion.

  ...of the moment - Wrestler Mick Foley <3s Tori Amos. (like - DMC <3s Sarah McLaughlin...) - "America fights while China does business"
Seems like anti-<table> folk aspire to moving all layout to .css files (not HTML). But the <div>s need css hacks and/or awkward html anyway! - the country has gone nuts. AT+T can claim that it, a company, has a Right to Privacy? For reals? Sweet jimminy. - 1K Javascript is kinda amazing!
""Trickle down economics" is hereby renamed "homeopathic wealth distribution"."
-- - what to do when it's 2013 and the world's still here...
Grr. I wonder if Apple is deliberately not including any photo album management on the iPhone itself to be released later... - Amber and I bought this ceramic tile scale. Odd blend of stone and technology, like William Gibson's Idoru "sandbenders"

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