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february 2017 new music playlist

March 4, 2017
4-star songs in read, listing things in rough descending order of "you gotta hear this"ness.
  • You Can't Catch Me (Chuck Berry) I REALLY like magical realism of his airplane car. Also interesting is how Lennon borrowed/stole "Here comes Flat-top Comin' up Slowly" for "Come Together".
  • Good as Hell (Lizzo) Super happy hiphop. Some really nice beats in parts.
  • Let's Go Get 'Em (Rebirth Brass Band) My favorite of the School of Honk "easy" songs.
  • Behind Closed Doors (Otis McDonald) Funky modern piece.
  • Are We All Hardwired? (Christine Lavin) - great mini political quiz, but at over 7 minutes, I skip it now.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love (Haley Reinhart) Beautiful cover. Almost but not quite over the line of schmaltz.
  • The Sound of Silence (Nouela) The other "gentle female vocalist cover". Video here is black and white-ified clips of people crying from a wide range of movies.
  • Pretend (Seinabo Sey) Background from a trailer for "Girls"
  • Barefootin' (Wilson Pickett) Straight forward R+B
  • You Haven't Done Nothin' (Stevie Wonder) Read an article that some 70s Stevie Wonder is really political and smart
  • Stacy’s Mom (feat. Casey Abrams) (Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox) Goofy retro cover (Kind of amazed that the original of this is from 2003 - like The Killer's, Fountains of Wayne nailed that 80s vibe)
  • Toothbrush and My Table (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals) - This shuffle was on a playlist from Melissa, good little groove
  • One (Harry Nilsson) Didn't realize the 3 Dog Night version was a cover. This one has a smoother, almost Beach Boys aspect.
  • Down With the Sickness (Disturbed) Amused that you can just google "Ooh was ah ah ah" to get this song.
  • Wiggle Wop (feat. Keno) (Party Favor) Is this booty music? I think this is booty music.

I made a tutorial page about the blues scale and the 12 bar blues.
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