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(2) september was a rather tuba-y month for me

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Republicans: we had to bomb the economy, in order to save it.

(4) 2012.10.01

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"Love is blind, which is why it's usually preceded by touch."
--French Saying :

Beautiful and melancholy.
"You say, 'I'm great at multitasking.' I hear, 'Delusion's made my carelessness scalable.'"
"You learn the greatest lessons from failure. For example, that failing sucks."

(7) more dali!

--via BB

  ...of the moment - fun presentation (w/ live runnable demos) on maze generating algorithms... via EB
#24hcd --24 Hour Comics Day Team MKK gogogogogo!

(5) next stop... blub blub blub
via gizmodo's New York's Subway May Not Survive Nicole -- they talk about times they actually had to send in scuba divers, though I'm assuming this must be a 'shopped fake, unless they still had the lights on in cars down there...

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"Okay, how about this theory. What if none of the stuff in 'Murder, She Wrote' actually happened..."
"It didn't!"
Wish I had a weather app that touched on a bit of "why", not just "what"-eg today's crazy wind is the scrap end of Tropical Storm Nicole...

(6) single ladies redux

--Really starting to dig this whole genre of "playful covers of recent hiphop/pop".

  ...of the moment - one theory to explain all of Superman's myriad abilities. - mixed feelings about seeing all the nominated-for-deletion wiki articles. Some of that stuff seems brilliant. - in theory I like the idea of "one nice image a day" (purposefully ephemeral, in that it's not easy to save or review the old ones.) In practice, eh.
TOPTIP: add "pwn" after the http:// for any youtube URL (for example, for today's) and you get to a website that still lets you download the .flv -- 'cause the link for the MP3 for today's video didn't work. - I like to take snapshots of screens, like my travel itinerary. The food/diet idea is interesting. - disney tiltshift. Still amazed at what an illusion mere focus can make!

(4) hang on sloopy
Ohio politics has a lot not to like, but this is just great...

WHEREAS, The members of the 116th General Assembly of Ohio wish to recognize the rock song "Hang On Sloopy" as the official rock song of the great State of Ohio; and

WHEREAS, In 1965, an Ohio-based rock group known as the McCoys reached the top of the national record charts with "Hang On Sloopy," composed by Bert Russell and Wes Farrell, and that same year, John Tagenhorst, then an arranger for the Ohio State University Marching Band, created the band's now-famous arrangement of "Sloopy," first performed at the Ohio State-Illinois football game on October 9, 1965; and

WHEREAS, Rock music has become an integral part of American culture, having attained a degree of acceptance no one would have thought possible twenty years ago; and

WHEREAS, Adoption of "Hang On Sloopy" as the official rock song of Ohio is in no way intended to supplant "Beautiful Ohio" as the official state song, but would serve as a companion piece to that old chestnut; and

WHEREAS, If fans of jazz, country-and-western, classical, Hawaiian and polka music think those styles also should be recognized by the state, then by golly, they can push their own resolution just like we're doing; and

WHEREAS, "Hang On Sloopy" is of particular relevance to members of the Baby Boom Generation, who were once dismissed as a bunch of long-haired, crazy kids, but who now are old enough and vote in sufficient numbers to be taken quite seriously; and

WHEREAS, Adoption of this resolution will not take too long, cost the state anything, or affect the quality of life in this state to any appreciable degree, and if we in the legislature just go ahead and pass the darn thing, we can get on with more important stuff; and

WHEREAS, Sloopy lives in a very bad part of town, and everybody, yeah, tries to put my Sloopy down; and

WHEREAS, Sloopy, I don't care what your daddy do, 'cause you know, Sloopy girl, I'm in love with you; therefore be it Resolved, That we, the members of the 116th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, name "Hang On Sloopy" as the official rock song of the State of Ohio; and be it further Resolved, That the Legislative Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit duly authenticated copies of this Resolution to the news media of Ohio.
So now I know why like every Middle School and High School Stage Band in Ohio played that song!

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There's got a be people in Florida who attribute Tampa's recent baseball success to a divine boost after dropping the "Devil" from Rays.
<<Lose something every day. Accept the fluster / of lost door keys, the hour badly spent / The art of losing isn't hard to master>>

(12) rabbit rabbit rabbit
Back to the sweet sweet grindstone!

I want to see the Sox beat the Angels, then, sigh, the Tribe, and then the Cubs. That would be the ideal post-season for me.

Quote of the Moment
"Each of these first rockets was like a beloved woman for us. We were in love with every rocket, we desperately wanted it to blast off successfully. We would give our hearts and souls to see it flying."
--Boris Chertok, one of the founders of the Soviet space program, on the upcoming anniversary of Sputnik

Video of the Moment
--When furry college mascots attack. Each other. I haven't heard this with sound yet.

(10) death to all kings!
Man, my neck and upper back are so sore and stiff, maybe from carrying a too-heavy monitor. Bleh.

Quote of the Moment
"It makes dying so much easier. There's so much less to leave."
Senator Thomas Hart Benton (from Missouri in the 1800s), surveying the burned ruins of his Washington home.

From that Bartlett's Book of Anecdotes... still hit and miss, but I liked learning how Jean Baptiste John, a general during the French days of the Terror who later became King of Sweden had a secret tattoo "Death to all kings." (Maybe just a rumor though... a lot of these anecdotes are a bit suspect.)

(2) but at least i SAW something
Quote of the Moment
"I didn't learn anything, but at least I saw something."
--Willa Mae Buckner, "The Snake Lady", 1922-2000. Her biography and life as a performer is given an illustrated writeup in Harvey "American Splendour" Pekar's "Our Movie Year", along with many other obscure jazz and blues artists.

Study of the Moment
"Religious belief can cause damage to a society, contributing towards high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according to research published yesterday", reported in this article form The Australian. I think you have to take both the study and the interpretation with a giant grain of salt, but the correlation between high rates of religous belief and high rates of strongly negative things is interesting, and an interesting retort to people who would assume the opposite.

(16) i thought you didn't smoke
Passage of the Moment
"I thought you didn't smoke?" George said as I reached over and plucked one of the cigarettes from her packet. We were huddled together on the sofa, under a duvet that George had hurridly gone and pulled off the bed. (It wasn't really cold in the room, but it's just nice to huddle together under something. And anyway, there's something slightly awkward about staying completely nude after sex. Like you've finished doing everything now but, rather inelegantly, appear to have some nakedness left over. It's the kind of feeling you get looking at the food remaining on a table after a party's ended.)
--Mil Millington, "A Certain Chemistry"

Kirk's Law of Plugs and Sockets
Any plug that can't be inserted and removed with a single hand, ideally without looking too closely, is broken by design.

Coaxial cable and old-school press-to-release stereo wire plugs, I'm looking at you. Seriously, who came up with these things?

Politics of the Moment
"Well, actually, he forgot Poland."
--Bush in last night's Presidential Debate (transcription here) I only watched about half of it, but that's the line that seemed really funny, how he kept coming back to it. Not to denigrate Poland, but in terms of allies, you'd like to have some larger players on the world stage besides England...

(12) ring thing
I had a dream the other night where Mo wanted me to get a diamond added to my wedding band, as if it was something people generally did for a certain anniversary. I really didn't want to though, preferring the simple circle. My simple wedding band spins so well on a table...also, I realize I've developed the habit of rotating the ring on my finger with my thumb when I'm walking along. I must do this more than I realize, I keep finding myself trying to do it even after I've taken the ring off for yoga...

Link of the Moment
Making the rounds last week, it's The Worst Jobs In Science. It's like a strangely comforting variation of Murphy's job; your job can't be so bad that there's not one worse. I mean, heck, some of these careers sound worse than unemployment.

Quote of the Moment
"Lousy minor setbacks! This world sucks!"
--Homer Simpson. Man, do I know the feeling.

Rant of the Moment
Rented "F-Zero GX", a GameCube game from Blockbuster yesterday. I'm really impressed with all thier windows plasted over with announcements how they're slashing late fees, that now days late cost the same as normal days, given how they've jacked up the minimum game rent time to like a week, and charge $6 or so accordingly. Of course they don't need to charge extra for late fees, because over the years they've just added in like 3 days of late fees into the main price. Yeesh.

(3) take my baby out for a spin
You know, I don't feel that some what stressful things like going on an airplane and what not get under my skin, but I always feel my anxiety about other things rising during those times...some kind of weird sublimation?

Patent of the Moment
Once upon a time, George and Charlotte Blonsky saw that some types of elephant spin while giving birth to assist with the delivery, and thought they could build a machine to do the same for humans. Despite the irresistible image of a baby being flung at 7G's (based on a spin speed of 82.3 RPM) the device actually uses a net, which contains a trigger which would stop the ride once the baby is out. Phew! For this, they won a posthumous Ig® Nobel prize.

Music of the Spheres
Boobs make sounds. This is perhaps more of a poetic thing that one develops as time goes on. I don't even know if it's a real sound; it's more of a metaphysical sound, I suppose. Different tits, the way they move, they make these different sounds that are just totally exotic. Maybe it's a total fantasy, but I swear I hear it. Some days, I have to use a Sony Walkman out there, it gets so bad. Especially in the springtime.
--Robert Rakita, quoted in The Modern Man's Guide To Life. I post it here in honor of the 80-degree start to the month we should be having today.

Link of the Moment has small apps for windows (in the sense of each being able to fit on to a 3.5 floppy, not in the sense of the previously posted tiny games for Windows.) Favorites of mine like Irfanview and PuTTY are here. It's interesting to compare these gems to the 4meg mousedriver I was loading the other month...

(13) sweet and short
Poem of the Moment
--Shortest poem according to "The Guinness Book of Records". This article talks about it and some other ideas in art.

Toy Link of the Moment
Modern Living is one of the coolest Flash sites I've ever seen. Click on the man in the recliner, then select a set of animations, then click on an animation. The collection has a very interesting style and a twisted edge, a bit like interactive Plymptoons. The parent site,, has some other animations as well.

KHftCEA 1999-10.1 October

KHftCEA 1999-10.1 October

As I get older, I don't enjoy the same things I once enjoyed.
But I enjoy new and different things!

I just don't enjoy them as much as I used to enjoy the things I no longer enjoy.
--Arlo, "Arlo + Janis"
Sitting in the chair at Great Cuts at Harvard Square on a Friday evening, watching twilight emerge in the big mirror, a street corner woman's duo's cd  in my jacket pocket on the coatrack- I think I felt New England Autumn in my bones. Or is it just the chill on my just shorn head?

Bought a money clip style billfold, like the one Mo just got. S'funny- I got the clipon shades from Rebekah, the pilot from Paul et al, the wallet from Mo. Only the keys remain unaccounted for.

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