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I don't understand this enough to do much with it, but , where you can make sounds and tracks via math in real time, in the browser, is amazing.
At work, HR scheduled me to conduct part of an interview right during the big Apple product announcements.

It is probably a little off that my annual rhythm is anchored on Game of Thrones in the spring and the new Apple phone announcement in the fall.


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"Horse walks into a bar. “But grandpa and I tore out this bar decades ago,” he thinks to himself. Time Horse continues after these messages."
-- Holy crap, that is some of the scariest stuff I could ever imagine seeing, straight out of my nightmares... a child from the cold war age, I always live with the minor worry that possibly someday, that's what I'm going to see, and it'll be the last thing I see.

it's my life

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The Secret Service code names: "Renegade", "Celtic", "Javelin" and now "Bowhunter" for Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan, respectively.

i swear

--via 22words

(6) on anime

--Interesting refutation of some widely held beliefs -- I'm a crappy artist and tend to think in icons, so I'm impressed by any kind of ability to generalize facial structure in a meaningful way. (Though it makes me wonder... do northeast Asians look more like *western* animated characters, too, by nature of a flatter facial structure?)

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"My hard nose, glass jaw, and soft heart."
--Test Text for the typeface Warnock, via 
If that One World Gov't the rightwingers are uptight about would mean no region-locked DVDs and games, I say- BRING IT ON! UN Uber Alles!
Apple synching kind of sucks. iTunes: some things live on iPhone, some things live on iPad. Leave the apps the hell alone.

(1) and then we'll take it higher
My friend had this Facebook status:

Scott Richards is going to rock on to Electric Avenue

My response:

View Larger Map

We have a weird problem in one of our conference rooms... the WiFi connection is shaky and there's a history of people stealing cords or otherwise messing with the switchbox that would let people cable up their laptop to the network. Today I dropped the switch in my old courier bag, connected 5 ethernet cords to it draping out of the bag (along with the powercord) and attached the following sign:



We'll see how it goes! I'd hate for anyone to lose their eternal soul 'cause they couldn't keep their hands off an ethernet cable!

Creepiness of the Moment
Play with Spider, a virtual Spider tromping across the map of Europe, following the mouse... rather lifelike and creepy. (via Archmage)

Quote of the Moment
"Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again."
--Silicon Wisdom.... it took me way too long that this is probably just a 'bot going through the ol' Unix "Fortune" file... or rather I guessed that, but I didn't realize it was doing it alphabetically.

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Uma Thurman has, like, giant nostrils.
McCain wants to spin an urge to kick Repubs out on isolated corruption? Try an inability to run an economy and a penchant for the wrong war!
Heh. Penn Teller are also anxious for "immortality through their work" but they're more succesful at it than I'm likely to be...
DUH:Copley sign for Faneuil Hall's Newbury Comics..."wonder if there's one nearer here?" (12 hours to recall I was a block from Newbury St)
"C'est la Vie!" / accepting that / "this should not be!" / but coping / more stoically; / philosophically-- / "C'est la Vie..."
I'm getting a little worried that my typing seems to be getting worse, in terms of phonetic and sometimes conceptual typos...
so one of few nights I need to be punctual(drive-in movie plans w/ friends)NO E LINE-against the Tao to kick against the sticks hop a cab?
I use the term sophomoric too freely, maybe. There isn't much daylight between my use of that and wisdom so time tested it's trite.

(4) morning blues
My alarm clock broke, so I've been using my iPhone as a serviceable replacement. I selected the Piano Riff ringtone , which is actually that cliché "blues refrain", something like C F Eb F C--- That way the alarm sounds, and I can sing along:
doo DEEdoodee Dah
    woke up this morning--
doo DEEdoodee Dah
    no wait, I still have to do that...

Anti-anti-PC Quote of the Moment
Even though there is plenty of stuff for reasonable people to dislike about Political Correctness as a dogma, there is also something creepy about the brutal, self-righteous glee with which [John Ziegler] and other conservative [talkradio] hosts defy all PC conventions. If it causes you real pain to hear or see something, and I make a point to inflict that thing on you merely because I object to your reasons for finding it painful, then there's something wrong with my sense of proportion, or my recognition of your basic humanity, or both.
--David Foster Wallace, "Host"

Funny Quote of the Moment
In New England everyone calls you "Dave" regardless of however many times you might introduce yourself as David. I am reminded of those fanatically religious homophobes who stand on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral during Gay Pride, holding signs that say "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!" I have always wanted to go up to them and say, "Well, of course not Adam and Steve. Never Adam and Steve. It's Adam and Steven."
--David Rakoff, "Fraud"

(4) sheer stark raving crazy nuts
Still on the road...

Quote of the Moment
"People are sheer stark raving crazy nuts. Quote me."
--Jack Poderhotz, as quoted by Garrison Keillor

(4) laboring away
Again, prewriting this as a hedge against by 'Net service being's up at the moment, and the Comcast guy is on his way, but I predict it's going to be more difficult to fix this when it's not broken at the moment...

Quote of the Moment
"The winters so cold, summer's over too soon.
Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow.
And I've got some friends, some that I hardly know.
We've had some times I wouldn't trade for the world,
We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go."
--Rise Against. Nice thought for Labor Day.

Update of the Moment
Ksenia and I had dinner with some of my family last night. My mom was there...she actually had to step out to take some cell calls about the Massachusetts Salvation Army's longer term response during the time. She had one answer to the "why shoot at the helicopters" question which made some kind of twisted might be people who are frustrated that they or there loved ones aren't higher up on the queue for being rescued or receiving help, and are trying to change the equation or express rage. LAN3, similar logic might be behind threatening the levee.

Yikes. Assuming that's more or less true, you know that movie cliché about how a hero is willing to ssacrifice anything, including risking many other people, in order to help his immediate family and loved ones? This is what it looks like from the other side.

(4) e-mail, shme-mail...that doesn't sound quite right
For some reason, the site I use for email, is down. Those jerks. I'm almost dreading holiday weekends, because it seems like things are much likelier to go wrong and not get fixed through the whole damn thing. It really irritates me.

If anyone needs to email me they should try my new gmail address, kirkjerk at gmail dot com.

Image of the Moment
--via LAN3, this is a giant Digging-Wheel Excavator used in Open Cast Mining. (Bigger photo at that link--also here is another one of these behemoths... amazing to think humans can do stuff on this scale.)

Musical of the Moment
Saw Lion King the musical yesterday, as "Cagey" surmised and asked about...bought some tickets off of my ex-mother-in-law, because her husband had to hussle back to Florida to batten down the hatches for Frances. Unbeatable seats as well, right at the front center of the balcony. The Musical was great, it's a solid story, but the spectacle...the imaginative costumes and puppets were brilliant. I loved the kind of in-between conceptual space the puppets occupied. You don't just look at the puppet, you don't just observe the puppeteer, it's some synergy of the two. Really nifty.

(3) just joustin'
Man, I'm manic-depressive about this JoustPong thing. Read all about it at the JoustPong journal--now in reverse chronological order and with "Quick Start" instructions for your convenience.

Plea of the Moment
Go vote for the dog of Ranjit's friend!

Quote of the Moment
"I'm always relieved when someone delivers a eulogy and I realize I'm listening to it."
--George Carlin

Link of the Moment
The Hentai Dictionary is an attempt to catalog the wide variety of Japanese porn genres. "Japanese porn consumers are so utterly perverted that the industry can't invent new kinks fast enough." No pictures or anything, but it's a very amusing bit of cultural anthropology.

(1) an ode
I hate pasta
I hate quiche
but what I hate
the most is feesh

smelly feesh
rots in a bag
smells so bad
it makes me gag

really nasty
not fit to eat
why do folks think
they're such a treat?

two big eyes
they stare at me
they always stare
but never see

swimmin' feesh
constantly take a bath
that is what
makes me laugh

for as they bathe
all night and day
then what the heck
makes 'em smell that way?
     --Kirk Israel, published in my High School's annual literary review, Eucuyo '90. They must've liked it, they closed the review with it. If I'm feeling masochistic I'll post the poem that opened the review, also by me.

i want my waiterbackwaiterbackwaiterback...
At Chili's
(After the waiter asked if we wanted change from a twenty for a $14 tab)
Kirk: "Nah, we were gonna give him a 50% tip"
John: "Yeah, that waiter was really stellar."
Kirk: "You mean, very far away and hard to communicate with?"
--2001.09.03. It was funnier in person, especially since the service had been pretty middlin'.

Link of the Moment
World Wide Words is a very interesting site about various words and phrases, albeit with a slant towards British English. If you're interested in the history of words, you could spend a long time just hitting their Surprise Me link. (Unfortunately the way it's setup means you can't just hit reload, but have to click the link.)

KHftCEA 1998-09 September CB

KHftCEA 1998-09 September CB

There hasn't been this kind of upheaval in Beantown since John Adams leaned over stoically to Paul Revere, bared his yellow teeth, and whispered, "I've always loved you, my man. I'll always think about your naked ass between my fingers."
"While making 'Supercop,' I dislocated a cheekbone. I didn't even know you could do that."
          --Jackie Chan
"Say the purpose of sex isn't procreation or recreation. Say it's concentration. Say it makes you focus on the person you're sleeping with, 'cause there's just too many other people in the world. It's like biological highlighter. [...]  Look for me first, in any crowded room, and I'll do the same"
          --Lyle Lovett, The Opposite of Sex

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