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This year my tuba gets a costume too:

Look like 6 years of being the party of no and blaming that on the president will pay off for the Republicans

(82) from worst to first

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Speaking of the Red Sox I do love some Yakety Sax:


  ...of the moment some friends of mine are putting up matching funds for the Ada Initiative, a program to increase women's participation in open technology culture. I gave, you might consider doing likewise!
"Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned."
"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
--Mike Tyson
"HURRICANE VICTIMS. Avoid unwanted press intrusion by simply moving to Haiti."
-- a Zombie is a slave, forever. Important note about the overused popculture staple...
I think (in the near future), instead of album art, MP3s (or their equivalent) should embed the music video. Would beat youtube.

(4) super cute costumes

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Self-Portrait as Dinosaur

--The final words of Steve Jobs, as reported in his sister's touching eulogy for him.
"You donít have to believe everything you think."
--Chris Hardwick in this Wired bit on Self-Help for Nerds
"Don't worry about this stuff. Just remember my motto: 'Every day is the first day of what's left of your life.'"
--Statler (of "and Waldorf" fame)

(3) monsterball
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A small Halloween entry for Zombies' Corpse-iliary Klik of the Monster's Ball #12 -- click to add in random monster heads, or hit the appropriate key for a (v)ampire, (g)host, (f)rankenstein monster, or (w)itch... spacebar clears.

More of a silly toy and exercise in icon design than a game, but Happy Halloween anyway!

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Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

(4) jacko
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Happy Halloween! Click to carve yourself a virtual Jack O'Latern.

This was made for Glorious Trainwrecks' HALLOWEEKEND: A KLIKKIN' BONES SPOOKTACLE... but now I need to get back to my secret Christmas surprise for the site...

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I like keeping my beloved tattered decade-old hooded sweatshirt over at Ambers for sometimes-use. It deserves a better nickname than "Sweaty".

(6) costumes through my ages
Happy Halloween!

I was pleased enough with the way my costume came together (suggested by EBSO at a Red Sox game) that I thought I'd try to dig up my best previous costumes...

Cowboy, circa 19971977.

Robot, circa 1982. This one impresses me most in retrospect, way to go Mom. (Robots don't need hands, just a slot for candy.)

1999 or so. "Unibomber" was my go to costume for a few years, because I had the basic elements (hoodie, dark glasses) with me every day.

2002's World War I... little plastic soldiers on a white shirt. I liked it, anyway.

This year I am Alien Bill!

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Maybe the worst part of my costume ( for photo ) is wearing sweatpants out in the world, that whole "I give up" feeling
I realize that I have a playlist ("psyched") where the central motif is "could be danced to by Jay in Clerks": Fri Oct 31 23:36:22 +0000 2008

(1) commuted sentence
The Red Sox' "Rolling Rally" was right across from where I work.

I enjoyed cheering for the people who were on the duck boats but weren't getting enough love from the crowd. "Go confetti guys! You rock!" and "Yay, third 'front office' boat! You guys are so much better than those back office clowns! woooooooo!" The people around me seemed amused, so I count it as a win.

At Copley Square, the church had a giant TV in front of it, which felt a bit Orwellian, at least 'til the test-pattern kicked in:

View from the corner of Boylston and Berkeley (including the other people's cameras which were a part of it all) but with Wally the Green Monster:

Quote of the Moment
"The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it."
--Bill Nye

Link of the Moment
--The other Bill posted a link of rather unsettling German Halloween costumes.

(26) a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
In my dream a while back was trying to figure out the syllable count for various songs (like "Amazing Grace" and "Theme to Gilligan's Island") so that I could get metered poetry by writing new lyrics to the existing melodies. I think I remember hearing about that trick a long time ago...

Of course my other big game is to see what melodies you can sing the Alphabet to. So far "Theme to I Dream of Jeannie" is the most interesting one that I've found.

Most of those other songs don't have that inelegant "LMNOP" rush that the standard "Twinkle, Twinkle" does. (And it wasn't until Middle School that I realized "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "The Alphabet Song" had the same melody, elementary schoolers were visiting our wind ensemble, and all shouted out the name I wasn't expecting after a saxophone player played it.)

Whoa. Come to think about it, "Twinkle Twinkle" isn't a great fit... not only is there that LMNOP rush, but you have to add that "now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me" bit at the end.

Was it a Tom Robbins book that pointed out that "the Alphabet" is the adult word, "the ABCs" is the kiddy word, but Alphabet...Alpha...Beta... it's just a foreign and/or older word for exactly the same concept.

Band News of the Moment
Speaking of band programs... FoSO pointed out that the Tuba player for the "theme from Jaws". Which is kind of funny, despite playing the tuba part during a John Williams medley in high school, and getting to do the fun shark dun DUNN dun DUNN, I always assumed the original orchestration was more low strings than brass.

Image of the Moment
This is the Avatar of "MausBoy" on the AtariAge forums, who says:

"It's actually from one of my favorite NES games [...] Seirei Densetsu Lickle, and you play as four characters; when you are choosing one it spins around. I always liked the mouse."

I always liked pixel art that could spin.

(1) baba boo! ey
I finally got the t-shirts Kate and I worked on this summer...they're dark blue and say I've frequently not been on I'm wearing it today and telling people about my halloween costume... "I'm an Obscure Literary Reference!"

Quote of the Day
"Halloween is like Christmas for the Drama Club people"
--Baba Booey on Howard Stern...working in Salem in the month leading up to it, I have to say he has a point...

Image of the Moment
-- This is the third year I meant to finally link to this great and slightly disturbing comic ad...

Culture of the Moment
10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Iran's Popculture.

Halloween AND darkness coming an hour earlier...what a day.

Prose Passage of the Moment
"So," he said, "Janet tells me you're an emotional wreck, too. How long have you been broken up?"

"About a month," I stammered. This was not at all what I'd imagined would happen--the two of us bitching about our failed relationships. And yet, now that we'd started, I realized that I would much rather commiserate with Seamus than date him. "We split up suddenly," I heard myself say. "Just a few weeks ago, we were in Sears, shopping for a DVD player. And then another week later, he's emptied all his stuff out of my apartment. It makes you see how flimsy everything is, not just relationships, but everything."

Seamus made a low purr in his throat--an oddly sympathetic sound. "You're not just losing a person, you're losing all your old habits. Suddenly, you don't know who you are." His voice went husky. "The nights are the worst."
--Queer, Pagan Kennedy, from The Dictionary of Failed Relationships

halloween flare up
Funny of the Moment
I'm Steve Stevenson for the daily channel 192 news. Tonight, in a related story we brought to you yesturday, the sun has once again tried to destroy the earth. The sun claims that "we were in the way" and stated "when ya gotta go, ya gotta go..."

President George W. Bush commented on the topic claiming that the sun may be in league with known terrorist group Al-Queda. President Bush attempted to stare down the sun in a show of bravery when his eyes were severely burned due to over exposure to UV rays without blinking. Later on today, President Bush will be launching a "Shock and Awe campaign" directed towards the sun to send the message that the United States does not deal with terrorists...
--MoeMoe on this slashdot article about the solar flares. Also, DogIsMyCoprocessor pointed out that maybe it's time we give up on Allah, Jesus, Buddha, etc, and go back to the Sun Gods, 'cause clearly they're getting a bit ticked...

Advertisement of the Moment
This is quite the ad for gum. I have never been so disturbed by nipples on a guy.

Halloween Costume and Lyrics and Phoon of the Moment
"I think I love you,
Ms. Pac-Man.
I know your boyfriend.
What do you see in him?
He is round & yellow.
Look at me--I am sexy and trim!"
--Johnny Blue-jeans, Viva Varieté. Man, that was a great Comedy Central show.

Anyway, I ment Ms. Pac-Man at that paper store between Porter and Harvard Square.

Incidentally, my pose is a 'phoon'--I've been meaning to write up that odd genre of "capturing the running action" photos, but wanted to make up an example first. Here you go, then!

devil inside
Quote of the Day
"Evangelists say Halloween is the devil's holiday.
What a lame-ass devil! Sitting down in the depths of hell, going, "I've got control of the major corporations, churning out weapons and toxic waste, but how can I get candy? Let me think--I'll get the children of the world to dress up as hobos and Power Rangers--and then I'll have all the bite-size Three Musketeers I need! I am Satan!"
--Patton Oswalt

Image of the Moment
--Jack O' Lantern's Eye View of Mo and the kitchen

Quote of the Moment
"The greatest productive force is human selfishness."
--Robert Heinlein. Not one of the usual Heinlein quotes I always see kicking around. I'm not sure I agree with it completely. Compare and contrast to Michael Shermer's "Rationality tied to moral decency is the most powerful joint instrument for good that our planet has ever known."

Link of the Moment
Ranjit pointed me to Googlism, a Google using tool that informed me that "kirk israel is a visionary" and "kirk israel is the blender". It can tell you what nearly anyone is, especially if you only use their first names.

Keep in mind that succesful "hits" on the site get added to a publicly-viewable index.

Old School of the Moment
RIP, Jam Master Jay, the DJ for the hiphop pioneer group Run-DMC.

(2) in the doom mood
Joke of the Moment
Regarding your 10/24/01 entry and the joke about the cows: What do you call a mix between an elephant and a rhino? Answer: Elleph Ino!
--Alice in my guestbook. I've used this joke and it has gotten more laughs than I expected.

Gaming Geek Link of the Moment
DOOM was an early "First Person Shooter", one of my favorite games, running around these bases, physically ducking in my seatr when monsters shot fireballs at me, slaying demons left and right, saving and reloading frequently. (I'm almost tempted to get a Game Boy Advanced to play this version of the beloved game.) Recently I found a page with lots of alpha version screenshots, and the DOOM Bible, which was the document of the original vision for the game. It got scaled back quite a bit, and it's interesting to see the differences.

Quote of the Moment
"I have never known a period in this country where terrorism was not an active consideration of how we live our lives. Israelis used to joke that in Alaska they have to deal with the snow, and in the Middle East we deal with terrorism. That is part of the weather here. In the sense of how you balance daily life with fear and caution, Israel is the world expert."
--Yossi Klein Halevi in a Salon Premium Piece. I think that's what the new reality here is going to look like, and in some ways it's not as scary as it seems.

KHftCEA 1997-11.1 November

KHftCEA 1997-11.1 November

"The death of God left the angels in a very strange position."
          --Lions Unix Documentation
"Hypocrisy is the lubricant of a civilized society"
          --Arianna Huffington

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