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july 2015 new music playlist
This marked the month I fiddled around with Apple Music; never again. They should have made it a separate app, this whole conflating of music available locally and via streaming just sucks, and there are a number of weird glitches.

So, an ok month for music, here arranged in rough order of "harsh and electronic" to "soft and acoustic"... it seems like most of these songs fell on one side of that or the other. 4 stars and up marked in red, though as always it's more "stuff I'd like to hear" more than a judgement of the quality of the music.
  • Map of Tasmania (Club Mix) [feat. Amanda Palmer & Peaches] (The Young Punx) I was showing the original to Melissa and this excellent remix, big percussion remix came up.
  • Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) (David Guetta) Fun Mad Max-themed video
  • Beg For It (feat. MØ) (Iggy Azalea) I know there are a lot of people who don't dig Azalea, but I think she has really good delivery.
  • Scare Me (feat. Peaches & Timberlee) (Major Lazer) I'm kind of a sucker for any song "featuring Peaches"
  • Zeus vs Thor (Epic Rap Battles of History) Legofied Rap Battle!
  • Ex's & Oh's (Elle King) Good sounds - a bit like Paper Girl.
  • I Wish (Skee-Lo) Nice mid-90s hiphop groove, kind of in that party-hip-hop thing that was so big for us in high school.
  • Do Your Thing (Basement Jaxx) Some movie trailer is using this... I've heard it in remixes, but the original is solid too.
  • That Time (Regina Spektor) So cheap and Juicy!
  • Good Old Mountain Dew (The Womenfolk) Weird crackle and pops on the mp3, but a fun country song.
  • Copperhead Road (Steve Earle) Saw this guy live last month... he looks different these days.
  • Sensitive New Age Guys (Christine Lavin) This would be 5x as funny if the chorus said "well it's because we're TOO sensitive"... anyway.
  • Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) When I "discovered" The Beatles in college, I kind of completely missed "Abbey Road". I'm not crazy about most of the songs, and to be honest this one as well.
  • Close To Me (Minnie Driver) Such a great cover - the album versions a bit cleaner.
  • Wild Horses (The Sundays) Good cover.
  • It's Alright With Me (Harry Connick, Jr.) From an album that was good for making out to in highschool...
  • The Waltzing Fool (Guy Clark) Lyle Lovett's original is mentioned in the book "Set This House in Order"
  • Remember Me (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses)) Oh man... Many feels, the story of an older parent and a young child.

  ...of the moment  
"Someday a few decades from now, some kid is going to ask me, 'Is it really true that you remember a time before the Internet?' and I'll feel like some wise sage who used to extract information straight from the Earth."
Feynman vs Gell-man. Ok, if digging on Feynman and his diagrams isn't hipster enough for you, you should become an acolyte of Murray Gell-man.

I do appreciate the Gell-man's knack for the naming of things, though I wonder if this article is remiss for leaving out Feynman's work on the Challenger explosion investigation.


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July One Second Everyday:

Highlights include Fireworks on the 3rd, Cora on the 5th, Porchfest on the 19th.

a waterproof camera at a family reunion

full(er) set on flickr

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(1) the parallel bars: an evolution

  ...of the moment  
"It's never been nower."

(1) oh no you didn't
--I was reading TV Tropes about this game. The song is kind of amusing, but mostly I liked seeing how the objects in a game I knew looked sans textures or even color... it's amazing how simple some models can be and still be convincing...

  ...of the moment  
"Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled."
--Michael Crichton, Caltech Michelin Lecture, January 17, 2003 - well-deserved praise for Catch 22 - I'm surprised Design types hate HTML tables... seems to be very Swiss-Grid style friendly - 7 Days since Boehner signals kowtowing to the tea party, 7 days of market tumble.

(3) take all da music from 2009 and put it in a big blender!

  ...of the moment - darkest Pokemon hack ever? Did it really exist at all? Spooky.
"The net's so slow today, it's like watching paint dry!"
"Watching paint dry-- people say that, but really it's way underrated"
"No, I've done it for real, it sucks"
"You obviously weren't inhaling deeply enough."
--Pedro and Me just now

(1) do electric sheep dream of androids?
--Very psyched that Patrick Farley's lamented electric sheep comics is getting a reboot, domain squatters be damned.
The archive index has great stuff like Overheard at the Rave (image here from that), the Apocamon literalist take on Revelation, and the brilliant The Guy I Almost Was.

  ...of the moment - hate to say it but I kind of agree with the haters on this one... kind of cool but it was just too big and sunglassesy. (Boingboing is right that it's good for the copyright holders to relax and make money than clamp down.)
Last night at Arian's cookout we played the "game of questions", converse only in questions, (as seen in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead") Even the non-sequiturs-allowed variant we played fun (and challenging for some, though I found it pretty easy to pre-think of what to say.)
random gmail ad of the moment : - is it just me or is it that a little creepy?
Dinner with old coworker/project lead Rob. He used the phrase "animated conversation" - that's a good word for some of what I'm looking for-
"I've never seen how the New York freeways bend, 'like a woman having an orgasm,'"
--Olga Ilnitskaya, an essay in "Amerika: Russian Writers View the United States". Not sure I get this quote.

(2) skimboarding

  ...of the moment  
Gladys Knight... 5 singers, guitar, bass, keybordist, pianist/conductor, 2 percussionists... hot show, hardly miss the pips..
Before my Aunt and Mom and I got into Dr. Mario, I didn't realize there was such a thing as passive aggressive trash talk.
Hee, old computer at the vacation house - how long had it been since I heard that grunt of a floppy drive being checked for a boot disk

(9) better to give than to receipt
There's a Rebecca's Cafe stand in the lobby at work with a sign that says something like "if we forget the receipt, it's free". And the person there never gives a receipt. But I'm kind of torn, because on the one hand, hey free stuff, but on the other by no means do I actually want a receipt. I'd merely be acting as a tool of the Rebecca's Cafe hegemony, putting up with a few moments of awkwardness in exchange for free yogurt and granola .

Or maybe there's a catch to it, like it's implicitly only "if you ask for it, and then we forget".

Video of the Moment

--this was probably making the rounds a long time ago. I first saw it it in a commercial (I think for some kind of financial services group) except they digitally altered it to be a box for some kind of toy robot. The scary thing was, I recognized it as a box for an N64 just from it's general size and maybe some of the color scheme.

My memory is so... selective? Or... I dunno. I'll remember little snippets of conversation that other people have long forgot, but then forget names and, just as irritatingly, little technical details that I haven't used in a while.

Movie Quote of the Moment
Ranger Brad: Oh, say... You don't believe those old legends about the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, do you?
Dr. Roger Fleming: Ranger Brad, I'm a scientist, I don't believe in anything.
--The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which I re-watched recently at Masukomi's place.

There was another good line, with extraterrestrial aliens trying to assimilate and make conversation:
Obviously there is much humor in what you say.
I think this would make a good T-shirt, just the understated contradiction between the form and content of the phrase. (It reminds me a bit of not been on boats line Masukomi helped me turn into shirts a while back.)

(4) scanlines live in vain
It was so hot for sleeping the other night. My sleep was very fitful, and I remember one of those reality/dream merges where somehow working with scanlines would help me get to sleep... similar to the scanline work I did for my Artsy Project over the weekend. (Hmmm... is the relationship between "Art" and "Artsy Project" similar to the relationship between "Truth" and "Truthiness"?)

Art of the Moment

click for fullsize

"March", by Timna Woollard
from Where The Heart Is.

Toy of the Moment
So dessgeega, the same gamer who pointed me to the creator of Crossroads and wrote the brilliant old school game Invader has a regular column on about freeware games called Free Play.

I was really impessed by the toys and games of D_of_I, especially because he sometimes works in the same environment I do for Java called processing. (I just wish I could read Japanese to get the rest of his site!) The main point of this entry is that you really need to try World of Sand, a literal "sandbox" toy, where you can blend particle elements such as water, fire, sand, plant, wall and I think ceramic as they fall through space. It's really cool to come up with different setups and see what happens. (Cannon Cat, a windows download, seemed pretty cool but I couldn't figure out if it was just a 3-level demo or I wasn't pressing the right menu option or what.)

UPDATE: LAN3 pointed out this variation of the game, which has some new additions (and subtractions), which is on what seems to be some kind of fansite.

Article of the Moment
A well-thought-out defense of the word "sucks".

(2) six o'clock comes early, and so does death.
Openings and Links of the Moment
"So you see" concluded Lance "there are certain things that every woman regardless of personal situation should do at least once in their lives and I am foremost amongst these things."
--Hywel Curtis, from the latest Bulwer-Lytton contest. I have to admit, reading the winners was more of a chore than anything else. Too many of them don't sound like any kind of opening, nearly all of them are too long, and multiple entries outside the "Vile Pun" category end with Vile Puns.

Luckily there is an anecdote...err,antidote...the Lyttle Lytton contest. Very well chosen, with interesting commentary for nearly all the entries. It produced today's entry title. ("Author unknown"...the submitter wrote "Credit belongs to the 'poet' cousin of an old college friend, who used to leave gems like this scribbled on sheets of scrap paper scattered around her apartment".)

(8) filthy with miracles
Article of the Moment
Scientific American on how The Law of Large Numbers guarantees that "miracles" happen 295 times a day in America. Or as "Uncle Al" put it, "There are 27O million Americans. The US is filthy with one-in-a-million events." (In the SciAm article I also like the thought "during the time that we are awake and actively engaged in living our lives, roughly for eight hours each day, we see and hear things happening at a rate of about one per second. So the total number of events that happen to us is about thirty thousand per day, or about a million per month." 30,000 events per day...huh.)

Photoshopping of the Moment
--Some amazing art hackery going on in Worth1000's Modern Mod Ren contest, modern celebrities as the subjects of slightly less modern art...

Quote and Essay of the Moment
"This experience was only part of a larger process of edification. Living in Europe, I gradually came to appreciate American virtues I'd always taken for granted, or even disdained--among them a lack of self-seriousness, a grasp of irony and self-deprecating humor, a friendly informality with strangers, an unashamed curiosity, an openness to new experience, an innate optimism, a willingness to think for oneself and speak one's mind and question the accepted way of doing things. (One reason why Euro- peans view Americans as ignorant is that when we don't know something, we're more likely to admit it freely and ask questions.) "
--Bruce Bawer, Hating America. It's worth reading (even though at least on my browser, quotation marks and other puncuation display as question marks and accented characters as Chinese...) -- it's a right leaning, spirited response to some books that provide a much more negative view of the United States.

News of the Moment
Statue of Liberty has re-opened for tourists. Huh, I hadn't realized it had been shutdown. Bummed to hear it's only up to the pedastal top, though: "The rest of the statue continues to be off-limits because it cannot accommodate large numbers of tourists and does not meet safety codes." I'm glad I got the view from the crown (even if I never got to go up to the torch...) Of course my memories of the place will always be tempered by the time I went up with my then girlfriend and she got the WORST cramps ever...watching her roll on the floor of halfway up the pedastal, and not being able to do a ton to help...)

(2) three score and ten years to get to the freakin' punchline
Quote of the Moment
"I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it."
--Jack Handey

(1) darts ok
Image of the Moment
--why you should be very careful when playing darts while wearing sandals. (My friend Greg Owen is getting me to join the Dead Yuppies, part of a Tuesday night league.) Luckily, the way I was standing, my toe was out of the way.

News Links of the Moment
Scott Ritter, former UN inspector in Iraq, is pretty sure we'll see a war by October, though since then the administration issued a specific denial. Still, it's an excellent if alarming article. Of course, martial law could be an executive order away, thanks to a Reagan-era FEMA mandate to allow emergency powers in the event of a "crisis" such as "violent and widespread internal dissent or national opposition against a US military invasion abroad". The King of Jordan, along with the rest of the world, is trying to tell Bush this isn't a good idea right now, but he's Captain Oblivious. And just to give an X-files spin to it all, F-16s from Andrews Airforce Base were chasing some UFOs.

Nursery Rhyme of the Moment
Little Miss Moffat
sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider,
and she ate that as well.
Also, the tuffet.
--from Lupschada's blog

(2) madness strikes
Bought a Playstation (Not a PS2, just the remake of the original) last night, part of my ongoing plan to buy games when their cheap. (For the record, I bought Ball Blazer Champions, Wipeout 3, Irritating Stick, Asteroids, Bomberman World, Pong, Speedball 2100, Twisted Metal 2, Rogue Trip, Warhawk, Driver, The Unholy War, Tecmo Stackers, Gekido, and Grand Theft Auto. Still looking for the Arcade Pack that has Smash TV, Parappa, and Poy Poy.)

Quote of the Moment
If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.
If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.
Don't - DON'T think about that sentence for more than three minutes or blood will spurt out of your nose.
--Lewis Black, on a conversation he overheard at a diner

Link of the Moment
According to the little booklet that came with our body fat measuring scale, I'm "obese" though honestly, I don't think that's the word people think of when they look at me. But anyway, at least my struggle is nothing like what these folk are having to go through.

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Why is it that the worst 'Jeez this is all reality is?' moments happen at night while going to sleep? Moments of lucidity or just paranoia as the brain starts shutting down?
KHftCEA 1999-08.1 August

"Far, far below the deepest delvings of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things."
--Gandalf, "The Two Towers"
"love is a piano
dropped from a four story window
and you were in the wrong place
at the wrong time"
-ani difranco, "two little girls"
McGowan's Madison Avenue Axiom:
If an item is advertised as "under $50", you can bet it's not $19.95.
Going over the k+r archive. Despite this behavior, and despite a lust for her that will never entirely disipate, I still know I'm over her: I can no longer imagine having a sustained relationship with her. A fling might be possible, but will never be worth risking a fundamental relationship.
KHftCEA 1998-08 August CB

Gotta call Banta- woohoo.
program idea-bookmark storage on a pilot
Geez, Pepsi-Co's meetingroom looks like a photo-op for diversity training: a white guy, a black guy, a white guy in a wheel chair, all clustered too one side of a laptop in a sunlit room.

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