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Boston Globe: Few favor death for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, poll finds I'm never a big fan of killing on my behalf.


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Made this:


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Superman, the solution to all of our problems...

A few days ago I posted about someone painting 292 on the side of the "Jumbo 2" elephant. On FB Adam K mentioned it was Tufts' place in an ordered ranking of top 300 "party schools" from a short-lived magazine called Inside Edge (that he actually wrote briefly for, before it folded) that was maybe a trailblazer for patterns Maxim and FHM would use.

I found this Baltimore Sun article on it from way back when --"We're the male version of Sassy," says Jonathan Hsu, editor in chief of Inside Edge, during a phone interview from his dorm room at Harvard University.

That's kind of hilarious too.

Kirk 15K
It's my 15K Day - I am 15,000 Days Old, exactly.

To commemorate this, I revamped an old Javascript toy, and am launching it as

Plug in a birthday or other big date, and it will show you the upcoming interesting superday milestones, or you can use its calculator to figure out the seconds / hours / minutes / days / weeks between 2 dates (or vice-versa)


  ...of the moment - this is a game from a long while back, but it's so good and the sound and art hold up well. Oh, guess Tufts replaced the Jumbo statue-- the old one was a bit crap, without any detail (compared to the cool School of the MFA rhino, it really suffered in comparison)

Who remembers someone painting #292 on the side, and why?


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Her name was Danuta Danielsson and she was originally from Poland. Her parents died in a concentration camp. The nazi was later found guilty of murdering a homosexual man. --via that talks about the controversies of proposing a statue in her honor.
"The Fear Will Never Go Away As I Continue to Grow"
--Susan Jeffers' "Truth 1" from "Feel the Fear ...And Do It Anyway". Continuing this self-help book kick I've been on. Not quite as tuned for my needs as the Albert Ellis, but certainly compatible in outlook, and with some useful thoughts even if I don't embrace it mantra-wise.

This concept is good though... if I'm a little nervous and anxious as I go through my day, that's a sign I'm doing it right. If I retreat to the low hanging fruits only, that's not so good. - The War Nerd on turf war. Major, "low-level" ethnic war is happening in South Africa. Gary Breecher's realpolitik view takes such a richer, more informed view of what's going on than the simplifications, and frankly, disinterest of mass media.
Like if you want to understand the situation in Yemen

Missed doing an entry today! Too distracted by seeing John McEnroe play tennis.

on cities
A friend of mine is pondering moving back to the Boston area, a person I'm dating just got back from a trip to SF, and so I'm thinking about cities and where I live in a way I haven't for a while.

One essay that I paraphrase a lot (and so am surprised I can't find links to it on this site) is Paul Graham's Cities and Ambition. My rough paraphrase usually goes:
Every big city whispers a secret message, about what you should be. For New York it's "You should be richer than you are." For Paris it's "You should be more stylish than you are", for LA "You should be more famous". For Boston and Cambridge, though, it's "You should be smarter than you are". And I like that message.
Another article I can't quite relocate, maybe more than one article, and maybe from the Atlantic, talks about how gay friendly cities tend to be the most creative, and it's not just that gay people are creative, it's the correlation with being open to new ideas and alternate ways of being. And similarly, people want to be near museums and parks less because they use them a ton (though sometimes they do!) but because it's nice to know it's around, and also to be around other people for whom that's important.

Living around Boston more than 20 years, the story of my youth (the kid who moves around a lot) is being supplanted... I move around the same pace, but just from 'burb to 'burb. I have professional and personal connections here that are pretty deep; families where I'm the virtual uncle, I've had the same doctor for over a decade, I know a bunch of folks in the tech industry. I know the places I dig, but I'm still finding new places I've never seen.

I dig this city! (Insert "Big Dig" joke here) (Insert admonition against the laziness of making metajokes rather than things that are actually funny here) (Insert further admonition against unduly self-conscious attempts at framing via metahumor, and a request to let the meta-analysis stop here.)


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"Nothing says 'summer' like ripping out handfuls of grass and putting them on the person sitting next to you."


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A plus sign + is two minus signs - - stuck together. Which makes sense, because X - (-Y) is the same as X + Y.


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PROTIP: not only does Youtube let you playback videos at increased speeds, but you can just hit "greater than" to make it go faster, you don't have to go to the settings menu.
Speaking of Youtube videos... and Star Wars...

wonder if anyone tried to fit the room the droids are running around in into the canon.


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"You shouldn't get ten of anything."
--Amber, last night, in the store UNIQLO, when I said maybe I should get rid of all my graphic Ts and just get ten plain gray t-shirts.

She also mentioned that one thing she didn't miss was being quoted all the time on kisrael...

Ringo is my favorite Beatle.


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On FB someone was asking about the rational behind this IndieGogo kosherwitch, that would seem to be some kind of technicality-wielding not-switch-in-religion-only lightswitch.... I offered the following sense of the justification for this kind of thing:
(Usual 'pretty much a goy despite the name and some family background' disclaimers apply) - in terms of the rationalization, I've heard some concept of humbleness before the divine on the Sabbath - in effect, you're giving up your role as an effective creature in the universe. So some of the gimmicks are an attempt to move things from 'changes I would have to affect' to 'the way the universe is' (which happens to be the way I want it)'. To me it seems analogous to accounting reshuffling... to quote Monty Python, "Ah, I see you have the machine that goes 'ping!'. This is my favourite. You see, we lease this back from the company we sold it to - that way it comes under the monthly current budget and not the capital account."


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