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This year my tuba gets a costume too:

Look like 6 years of being the party of no and blaming that on the president will pay off for the Republicans


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"If, 100 years from now, they look back at my election, I hope what they see is the beginning of a century of inclusive politics."
--RIP Mayor Menino, "the urban mechanic"
"Much like a cookie, I predict the Yankee dynasty will crumble and the results will be delicious for Red Sox fans."
--Mayor "Mumbles" Menino, during the 2004 Baseball Playoffs. My favorite Menino quote ever.


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I am trying to extend my palette by learning to enjoy sugary sweets in with the savory. Today: Sweetgreen's "CURRY CAULIFLOWER + QUINOA SALAD" -- curry cauliflower, cucumber tahini yogurt, some kick with the siracha, and dried cranberries.
Philosophical debating with EB. Part of its trying to flesh out my concept of "non-trivial novelty" as a kind of existential moral good, an objective "point of it all", at least for me. (I started calling it "novelty of pattern" - EB thought maybe I meant "novelty in non-trivial subjects", when really I was just trying to say that the output of a random number generator wouldn't be very novel in the way I was thinking)

EB argues (and I may or may not be doing his view justice, but I'm trying) that since some failure is well-nigh inevitable in getting to that end goal, it is an inherent and essential characteristic. I kind of chafe at this; I think just because its damned likely doesn't mean it's inevitable, and therefore can't be a defining part, just an unfortunate side-effect that we'd avoid if we could and do avoid when we can.

As we argued on about this, we refined to a pretty specific gap in our outlooks: for me, definitions spring from theory, for him, definitions spring from practice. (So "risk of failure" would be a more acceptable candidate for part of the definition for him.)

I was sort of surprised to realize this aspect of my outlook. I mean, on the one hand, it's obvious, I seem to have an almost pathological need to be able to rationalize and justify my actions to some kind of unnamed higher, objective authority. On the other hand, I'm a strong descriptivist when it comes to the world of English and Grammar, and I think stuff like "the universe of platonic ideals" or what not is nonsense; what we see is what we get, universe-wise, and when we're lucky we can see and name the patterns.

So definitely an interesting potential inconsistency in my outlook. I'm still sticking with my guns on this definition though, since it seems like the definition should be reversible (If A = novel pattern results, and B = failures getting there, A implies B, but B doesn't assure A! And I can visualize -- as unlikely but not impossibly unlikely -- novel patterns without all the failure, but it seems like EB's definition rejects that.)


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from Cracked:

(hint: turn your head sideways.) Man, that's still disturbing.

fire fire fire
"There wouldn't be a forest if it wasn't for the forest fires."
--From a dream last night. I think I was also told 'don't trust people who espouse this philosophy, they're dangerous, even if the idea is true from a conservationist point of view.


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I still play "Draw Something" with one buddy; nice to have a daily dose of doodling. I was pleased with this morning's rendition of "Death" -- also an inspiration for my tuba's costume this year that hopefully I'll get around to making today.

BTW, FWIW I *really* dislike Paul Klee's quote "A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.". Especially when used and abused by 'Draw Something's Notifications...
o my god so many new hampshire political ads around the patriots game shut up shut up SHUT UP.

"99% voted w/ Obama" is not the negative for me that it apparently is for its target demo
What's a big vegetarian/vegan indulgence? Like, is there a rough parallel to tucking in to a nice piece of steak?


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I wish English had more of these!


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Wow -- so the other week I was musing about the difference in music I dig, and music I intellectually think I should I like, but don't (like The Meters' Cissy Strut) I thought maybe the difference was the downbeat, that music that just has a groove, even a funk-ish one, still leaves me cold unless it has the big bass-y downbeat. (Not to mention my disinterest in jam bands.) Today, by semi-coincidence, my coworker Jeff shows me this video, a one minute lecture on Bootsy's Basic Funk Formula. And -- IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ONE. For Bootsy style funk, everything is rooted in that downbeat, and then you build off of that.

I don't know what's the cart and what's the horse, in terms of the tuba playing and the musical appreciation, but it all ties together.


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Haha, I so don't want to tell my calorie tracking app my current weight, because of how it will recalculate my daily calorie goal. "NO GIVE ME BACK THOSE 20 CALORIES THAT'S LIKE A WHOLE WHITE RABBIT CREAMY CANDY" - A copy of Superman's introduction "Action Comic #1" was found... take a good look!

I like how it hits the note of saving an innocent life, and has Lois standing up for herself (if only to show how Clark Kent couldn't.)
"'City on a Hill" "Athens of America' 'City of Champions' 'The HUB' (as in 'OF THE UNIVERSE')
DID YOU KNOW? Boston holds the worldwide municipal record for most self-appointed, self-aggrandizing names that no one outside the city has ever heard of!"
--Tom the Dancing Bug -- funny jabs at our beloved city in our beloved Commonwealth


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5 Research-driven Secrets to Great Relationships. Great, now I have to go skydiving on a first date?


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They had a yoga class at work. It made me nostalgic for the weekly class my doctor used to run; a couple of lifetimes ago. A little note of sadness for the things that didn't work out, and the people it didn't work out with, heightened by a note that things feel a bit transitional right now.


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This is an autotuned version of that Apollos Hester post-game interview that was making the rounds a few weeks ago:

You can see the original clip with partial transcription. Honestly I like the way the video condensed and focused and fluffed the message.


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What is nothing? Macbeth answered this question with admirable concinnity: "Nothing is, but what is not." My dictionary puts it somewhat more paradoxically-- "nothing (n.) : a thing that does not exist." Although Parmenides, the ancient Eleatic sage, declared that it was impossible to speak of what is not-- thereby violating his own precept-- the plain man knows better. Nothing is popularly held to be better than a dry martini, but worse than sand in the bedsheets. A poor man has it, a rich man needs it, and if you eat it for a long time, it'll kill you. On occasion , nothing could be further from the truth, but it is not clear how much further. It can be both black and white all over at the same time. Nothing is impossible for God, yet it is a cinch for the rankest incompetent . No matter what pair of contradictory properties you choose, nothing seems capable of embodying them. From this it might be concluded that nothing is mysterious . But that would only mean that everything is obvious-- including,
presumably, nothing.

That, perhaps, is why the world abounds with people who know, understand, and believe in nothing. But beware of speaking blasphemously of nothing, for there are also many bumptious types about-- call them "nullophiles"-- who are fond of declaring that, to them, nothing is sacred.
--Jim Holt, "Why Does the World Exist?"
"Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition."
--Alan Turing
Our own universe is not very symmetrical on a small scale— look at what a mess your living room is!
--Jim Holt
"Kick at the rock, Sam Johnson, break your bones: / But cloudy, cloudy is the stuff of stones."
--Richard Wilbur

I kind of like this skull I made for the

halloween loveblender
Probably inspired by seeing the Día de Muertos- themed "Book of Life" the night before.